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Storesum UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiner

3 Pack 24KN (5400 lbs) Carabiner Heavy Duty Locking Carabiner Clip Climbing Gear for Rock Climbing Gear,Camping,Climbing Equipment,Large Carabiner

Auto-lock carabiner: stress-free gate release

Twistlock carabiner for easy one-hand use

Heavy-duty carabiner for safety and security

Ultra-light climbing gear for minimal hand fatigue

Non-reflective black carabiner for sunny days

Storesum UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiner -3 Pack 24KN (5400 lbs)

Carabiner Heavy Duty Locking Carabiner Clip Climbing Gear for Rock Climbing Gear,Camping,Climbing Equipment,Large Carabiner

Performance Overview

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Premium Safety Assurance

The Storesum UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiner is your trusted companion for climbing adventures. With UIAA certification, it meets the highest safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind as you conquer new heights.

Built for Durability

Crafted with precision and toughness in mind, this carabiner is made to withstand the rigors of climbing. Its rugged construction guarantees long-lasting performance, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner.

Easy and Secure Operation

The ergonomic design of the Storesum carabiner allows for smooth and secure operation, even when you're wearing gloves or facing challenging conditions. It's engineered for one-handed use, making your climbing experience more convenient.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

Weighing in at just a fraction of an ounce, this carabiner won't add unnecessary weight to your gear. You'll barely notice it, allowing you to focus on your climb while maintaining agility and speed.

Smooth Gate Action

The gate action is flawlessly smooth, reducing the risk of snags and enhancing your overall climbing efficiency. It's designed to minimize any disruptions to your climbing flow.

Versatile and Reliable

Whether you're tackling rock faces, ice walls, or any other climbing challenges, the Storesum UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiner is a versatile tool that you can rely on. It's suitable for a wide range of climbing styles and environments, making it an essential addition to your gear collection.

Tips for safely using a climbing Carabiner:

How to choose carabiners

When choosing climbing carabiners, it is important to consider the following factors

The carabiner's intended purpose is determined by its form. Oval-shaped carabiners are well for attaching quickdraws to safety, while pears-shaped ones are great for belaying and rappelling.
Carabiners are available in a range of sizes. It's crucial to select the proper size carabiner for the task. For instance, although belaying and rappelling require a large carabiner, attaching quickdraws to safety is better served by a smaller carabiner.
The strength of carabiners is measured in kiloNewtons (kN). It's crucial to pick a carabiner that can handle the required application. A carabiner used for belaying and rappelling, for instance, needs to be rated at least 22 kN in strength.

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